* Wearing a helmet, knee pads and elbow pads is strongly recommended and should be used at all times. Know your ability and ride/skate accordingly at your OWN RISK.

Enigma Bowl

Sitting on top of cascade trails, is the BluEnigma Red cement bowl, handcrafted by Nikos and Sotiris.

handcrafted & made from scratch

Its uniqueness comes from the imperfections of the totally handmade construction.

unique shape

The bowl resembles an open figure of 8 with the shape of heart on one side and the wave on the other. The deep end has an over-vert section and the shallow end has a perfect 7 foot quarter and a 45 degrees hip.

Fun to ride

The possibilities are endless! Needless to say, it is for bmxers and skaters who really enjoy to curve lines! Also you can ride to your favorite music tunes.

Photos by Maria B. and Niko K. Visit our photo gallery section for more photos.

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