Welcome to BluEnigma Hotel

BluEnigma is a project started in 2010 at the charming village of Apikia, on the island of Andros, from a Mechanical Engineer and dedicated bike rider, Nikos Garyfallos.


After 15 years of inactivity, Nikos decided to rejuvenate the family business and with commitment and hard work, trace his grandfather’s footsteps and reinstate it to its former glory. Adding of course his own elements to the equation, by creating unique riding structures for BMX, MTB and Skateboarding, all, with his own hands.


Visitors have full access to our facilities: Enigmna Bowl & Gratitude Trails.
During the summer period, our professional BMX/SKATE instructor, George Felekis, is at hand to work with riders of all ages and abilities.

Even though we are a fairly new business, each year we do our best to improve and meet our visitor’s expectations. Our main goal here at BluEnigma is to support the local scene and create various unique riding structures in order to push the boundaries of pure cruising.

BluEnigma Hotel is an ideal place for travelers who seek to discover the beauty of Andros Island and all it has to offer, in a friendly and out of the ordinary environment!

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5 charming rooms with bathroom, fridge, A/C, balcony and sea view. Each room can accommodate up to four people with an option of double or single beds.


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